“Life is terminal- it’s our job to live it”

Matthew Pullan


Matthew Pullan, known as running Through Cancer is a young adult from the UK. In 2006 he had a brain tumour removed and recovered well, doing well academically and being very physically active, representing his schools in basketball, cricket and football. He also runs for Radcliffe Athletic Club. In 2020, after feeling dizzy and falling over a few times while running he went back to the specialist cancer hospital, The Christie, and was scheduled an MRI scan, expecting it to come back normal. He was in for a shock. They found a brain tumour near the last site of the removed tumour and around where he had radiotherapy. After a successful surgery, removing 99% of the tumour, it would later be discovered to have spread to the brainstem, making the cancer now inoperable and ‘terminal’. No one knows what the rare tumour is, therefore making treatment a bit more of a guess, but the specialists identified high grade cancer cells.

This is his journey as he stays positive and motivated through this journey.

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Until chemotherapy

Little improvements are happening. I’m managing to balance better and I’ve managed to run 2k in 15 minutes. Things are looking up. The problem is; I’m back on Chemotherapy the Friday approaching. Sometimes you think to yourself ‘why do I do it?’ because in the end, when you go back on chemotherapy, the strength quickly … Continue reading Until chemotherapy

New plans

I’m feeling stronger, and I’m hoping it’s for a longer time. I finished chemotherapy round 3 and started a training plan straight after it. A charity called Move have made it for me. I ran 3 times this week, which is the most I have since surgery, and I’m trying to improve my balance. It’s … Continue reading New plans

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